Bespoke high-speed special purpose machines

ICM designs and manufactures customer-specific assembly and testing machines, fully automated, semi-automatic or as a manual workstation. Our machines and systems are tailored to the customer specifications while being technically and economically optimized.

ICM offers a professional and customer-oriented project management. As part of our detailed concept and quoting elaboration, our experienced and dedicated staff analyzes your assembly and feeding processes. Together with you, we subsequently develop the most efficient manufacturing processes for your product. Depending on the client's requirements, in addition to feeding and assembly processes, we can integrate advances measurement and control technologies, such as leak and pressure testing or industrial vision systems.


Our product range


Our range of complementary techniques at a glance

ICM offers a wide range of various functions to fully adapt to the desired finish of the assembled product.

  • Screwing, gluing, riveting, snap-fitting, clipping, drilling
  • Welding (ultrasonic, induction, thermal)
  • Labelling, printing (laser printing, micro-percussion, inkjet)
  • Dosing and filling
  • Control by machine-vision(sealing and flow, dimensional aspects and integrities, weighing, force, torque, electrical, pressure, dosing)
  • Supervision, data archiving, automatic generation of reports, remote maintenance
  • Lubrication (grease, oil, silicone)
  • Feeding (vibrating bowl feeder, centrifugal feeder, vibrating conveyor, fluid conveyor, hoppers, step feeders)
  • Robotics


Special machines for  the  pharmaceutical and medical industry

Our special machines are compatible with a production in a clean room or sterile room, as in the pharma and medical industry particularly for the assembly of aerosol valves, pumps, needles, pen injectors, catheters, ...

Continuous motion controlContinuous motion controlNeedles assemblyNeedles assemblyClean-Room AssembyClean-Room AssembyBionecteurs assemblyBionecteurs assemblySemi-automatic assembly and fillingSemi-automatic assembly and filling


Special machines for  the cosmetics industry

Aerosol valve assembly in continuous motionAerosol valve assembly in continuous motionAssembly and controlAssembly and control

ICM equips the most important companies in the cosmetics and perfumery industry. We provide, for example, special machines for spray heads, pumps, lipstick mechanisms, mascara brushes, plugs, closures and aerosol valves with outputs between 1-10 parts per second.


Special machines for the automotive industry

Flexible assembly of car seat latchesFlexible assembly of car seat latches

Furthermore, ICM has developed a particular expertise in the realization of complete production lines for automotive components (seats, tanks, handles, fasteners, hinges, connectors, battery fuses, headrest regulators ...), working for several major OEMs.


Indexed assembly machines

The basis of our indexed assembly machine is a mechanical rotary table (dial) with ICM France patented pick & place units, which allow a simplified transmission.

                                                 Rotary indexed assembly machineRotary indexed assembly machine         Patented pick&place manipulatorPatented pick&place manipulator

In order to meet your needs, our solutions are composed of 2 to 32 workstations, each fitted with one to six feeding lanes. With an output of up to 10 cycles per minute, our machines assemble thus up to 600 parts / min.

The focus of the machine conception by ICM remains nevertheless a compact, user-friendly and robust design.


Continuous-motion machines

The central tower containing between 6 and 36 pins and in conjunction with other satellite or vision stations, even complex assembly and control processes can be achieved, with an output rate of up to 500 parts/min.

Since all machine movements are mechanically controlled, our assembly machines guarantee you a high degree of solidity and durability.


Semi-automatic assembly machines

  If the geometry, size or weight of the component make an automatic feeding impossible or        when this is economically not interesting, ICM offers semi-automatic assembly machines.  By    positioning the parts in the workpiece holder of the rotary table by the operator, the subsequent    automatic assembly process is ensured.



Manual assembly machines

Manual assembly machine with industrial visionManual assembly machine with industrial vision   Manual assembly workstationManual assembly workstation

In case of small series are to be assembled with fully mastered and controlled assembly parameters, ICM offers manual workstations. Depending on your requirements, we can integrate different quality controls, such as Industrial vision systems.


Some examples of our realizations :

Cosmetics Pharma/Medical Automotive