Designer and manufacturer of special-purpose machines

For more than 20 years, ICM is established as a leading manufacturer of special machines for assembly and control and is your qualified partner for individual automation solutions.

Consultants for the organization of your production and industrialization

With our skills in industrial design solutions, our engineers develop efficient solutions for your company seeking to industrialize a product or to obtain productivity gains.

The control of the entire production chain, from design to production of the final machine, allows ICM to develop a tailored service and competitive, reliable offer.

ICM France - Designer and manufacturer of special-purpose machines

Our long-standing customers emphasize quality and a fully integrated solution for their assembly processes, from feeding to checking, as well as our expert advice and a flexible, uncomplicated support of the project.

The quality standards of ICM offer all the guarantees of a true partnership. In addition to providing efficient service tailored to the specific requirements of your company, we strive every day to our goal of excellence of our products and services.

Supplier of the consumer goods industry

We are the preferred partner of the pharmaceutical and medical, cosmetics, electrical and food industry, but provide our machines for any mass production industry.

Together with our customers we strive for a long-term partnership with our customers so that advice, expertise and trust become shared success.